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Curaçao International Airport inaugurates Automated Border Control solution

Curaçao International Airport in the Caribbean has just inaugurated a state-of-the-art integrated Automated Border Control solution that will help with the challenges of expediting and facilitating traveler airport clearance and make the airport even more welcoming to the eyes of all visitors!

The result of the collaboration with Vision-Box, the leading company in Identity Management and Passenger Experience, was the launch of a customized integrated Border Control solution based on self-service eGates that offer a smooth experience and a straightforward process to passengers: on approaching the eGate and selecting their flight, passengers validate their passports using an innovative document reader feeder with 100% reading success rate, allowing for a perfect placement and reading time of the travel document.

Mr. Wilhelmus Ignacio, CEO Curaçao Airport Holding and one of the main pioneers behind the eGates project, spoke about the ease in experience brought by the eGate use: "the eGates allow the airport to become more modern, inviting passengers to enjoy easy border control check. Aside from this benefit, it also allows the airport stakeholders, to increase airport security, facilitation of travel, and enhanced border system integrity. It's a transformation that is placing Curaçao International Airport in the forefront of Innovation in Airport Management and Passenger Experience in the region."

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