World Security Report2016-04-20 08:13:34

At this year's SCTX2016, HGH Infrared Systems showcased their new compact and cost-effective panoramic infrared camera, the SPYNEL-M, for critical infrastructure surveillance.

The SPYNEL-M is the newest addition to HGH's SPYNEL family of 360 degree thermal imaging solutions for Wide Area Surveillance.

The Spynel-M benefits from HGH's fifteen years of expertise in panoramic infrared vision systems. Weighing only 1.8 kg and measuring less than 12x20cm, the SPYNEL-M can easily be transported in a backpack, for a fast deployment on a light mast in the field. It can also be fixed atop of a building, immediately covering the 360 degrees surrounding it.

The performance and cost ratio of the SPYNEL-M has been especially designed to meet the security needs of critical infrastructures such as solar and wind farms, prisons, water treatment facilities, power plants and sub-stations, oil depots, airports and ports, large storage areas... As it is able to detect a person more than 700m away in any direction, night and day, one single Spynel-M sensor effectively replaces up to 16 traditional infrared cameras. It provides real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets, like UAVs, RHIBs, or crawling men.

Unlike conventional radars, the system is completely passive, and transmits no waves: it cannot be detected nor jammed. In addition, the SPYNEL-M can be configured with the complete plugin library from CYCLOPE, HGH's proprietary advanced image analysis software.Thus taking advantage of 15 years of developments in unique automatic detection and tracking algorithms, it continuously ensures that no intrusion is missed over 360 degrees.

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