World Security Report2016-04-20 10:34:12

Convergint Technologies has announced the acquisition of Enion AG Integrated Security Solutions.

Enion offers reliable, innovative, and cost-effective security solutions tailored to the complex needs of its clients. With a location in mainland Europe, the acquisition of Enion expands Convergint's global platform through a strategic position near Basel, Switzerland.

Convergint will leverage Enion's location and expertise to better service sophisticated global customers that are facing challenging integration needs on an enterprise level. Convergint Technologies continues its successful history of rapid global growth. "We are servicing more global customers today than ever before, and we are continuing to build out our worldwide service capabilities," said Dan Moceri, executive chairman and co-founder of Convergint Technologies. "With rich experience in solving complex integration issues, Enion will play an important role in enabling us to be the best service provider possible for our global customers." Convergint and Enion also share a culture dedicated to customer service. The joint organization provides a diverse range of service-based solutions supported by a highly experienced workforce throughout the world.

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