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CyberFence Receives AFCEA "Best Value" Award for Critical Infrastructure Protection that Reduces Costs of Cyber Defence

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI® has announced that its product, CyberFence, received "Best Value" honors at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium April 22 in Washington, DC. This award solidifies the CyberFence value proposition for providing robust and highly vetted security to industrial automation and control systems that shields against cyber-attacks.

CyberFence was one of several carefully evaluated solutions to be celebrated for technical excellence. The solution was reviewed by members of the AFCEA Technology and Cyber committees who chose CyberFence from among more than 60 contending technologies.

"This year's pool of candidates was 20 percent larger than last year's," said Jim Griggs, vice president, CIO and CTO, AFCEA International. "CyberFence stood out receiving high marks for delivering advanced information assurance (IA), and for its pedigree solving complex challenges for customers including the US Navy."

"CyberFence goes beyond basic perimeter defense and signature-based detection solutions in ensuring the availability and safety of automation systems. It affordably extends security to the endpoint while leveraging integral industrial protocol-awareness to protect the integrity of data communicated across control networks," said Benga Erinle, president, 3eTI. "On behalf of 3eTI, I am proud to accept this honor that further validates CyberFence as a world-class solution for efficiently securing industrial control systems."

3eTI's mission is to provide critical infrastructure protection solutions that customers trust and value including securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS). CyberFence technology is at the core of 3eTI's mission and embodies each of Department of Homeland Security's seven core recommendations for securing ICS released last December. It secures ICS while enhancing operational efficiency and infrastructure resilience. CyberFence is currently enabling robust industrial automation security for the US Navy, Department of State and other security-conscious organizations worldwide. It also is available for, and in use by, mission-critical control systems in the private sector.

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