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Xenics introduces the fourth member of its high-resolution 'XenicsCores' Infrared OEM product family at Eurosatory.

The new Stirling-cooled XCO-640 MWIR module provides unprecedented thermal imaging stability and optical performance for perimeter surveillance, law enforcement and homeland security.

Xenics presents its new Stirling-cooled XCO-640 Mid-Wave thermal Infrared core for long-range monitoring in highly demanding perimeter control, law enforcement and homeland security applications. The new OEM module is the fourth member of the 'XenicsCores' OEM product family. XCO-640 is based on a newly developed platform with an extended set of on-board image enhancement algorithms.

The new XCO-640 long-range MWIR surveillance core shown at Eurosatory offers a rugged setup with several large distance zoom lens options, fully controllable via Serial Protocol. Lenses with different focal lengths (15-330mm, 30-660mm or larger) can be used on the same MWIR imaging core. Also, Xenics provides on-board auto-focus functionality. This way, large-area infrastructures, such as airports, can be monitored by a few pan-and-tilt cameras, simplifying the surveillance logistics.

Another unique feature of the XCO-640 core is that it can be operated with different sensor types, based on either MCT or InSb detector materials, and offering up to 200Hz full frame rate for tracking fast moving objects. This also is an important factor when catering to certain regional export regulations.

With its newly expanded OEM core product line Xenics is further expanding its reach to the worldwide security systems community. "We are continuously extending our compact and rugged modularity concept, supported by our outstanding mechanical and electronic design group and in-house assembly," says European Sales Manager Guido Deutz. "With the new XCO-640 long-range MWIR surveillance core delivering high thermal imaging stability and superior optical performance we can now offer complete coverage of the infrared wavelength realm."

Like all Xenics OEM modules the new XCO-640 thermal imaging core features a set of on-board algorithms to perform image correction and calibration, as well as enhancement functions such as autogain, histogram stretching, bad-pixel replacement, etc.

Newly introduced is Xenics proprietary XIE - Xenics Image Enhancement feature. The XIE non-linear algorithm compresses the overall dynamic range of the image while retaining small amplitude of details and maintaining an overall natural look. This allows details in scenes with bright and dark areas and thermal scenes with small temperature differences.

The rich interface layout of the XCO-640 includes the traditional analog output (PAL, NTSC) or HDSDI, with GigE Vision or CameraLink. Digital control is carried out via GigE CP, Serial Channel CameraLink XSP (Xeneth Serial Protocol) or Serial Control XSP. Digital and analog out are available simultaneously. Pre- and post-trigger (in and out) is provided via LVCMOS signalling.

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