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Know where your travellers actually are! Not where they're supposed to be.

Intelligent Travel announces further enhancements to its Travel Safety monitoring systems.

Intelligent Travel has announced the global release of its enhanced Travel Safety Monitoring solution.

Two years ago, when the market standard was still the obsolete Travel Tracking systems, Intelligent Travel launched a revolutionary new travel monitoring solution by using the traveller's existing smartphone technology. Whereby the "industry practice" was to track travellers based on their ticket and hotel bookings, Intelligent Travel changed the industry by tracking the exact whereabouts of the individual travellers, no matter how, what, when and where, he or she booked the flight and hotel. The result is a fast, simple and scalable solution to monitor thesafety and location of selected individuals, integrated with their existing smartphone.

The most recent upgrade include several features with automated event based notifications listed as one of the most significant enhancement. "We already provide travellers with destination information and updates through phone, sms and social media. We've now integrated these updates with our travel safety monitoring solution," said Tony Ridley, CEO of Intelligent Travel," which means that we can be much more accurate when it comes to providing the traveller with useful travel safety updates during his trip. There's no need to update a traveller currently in Bangkok, Thailand with an incident in South Thailand as it will not have anyeffect on his trip."

"We are dedicated to helping our clients to guarantee the health & safety of their staff while being sent on a business trip," said Frank Doreleijers, Director International Services of Intelligent Travel, "and we continue to charge on a payperuse basis. Through continuous investment in emerging technologies, Intelligent Travel now provides one of the most accurate and easy to use travel safety monitoring solutions that is available in the market today without the need for hefty investment and subscription fees."

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