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Morpho and SNAP, Inc. Provide Ruggedized LiveScan Jumpkit to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

MorphoTrak, a subsidiary company of Morpho (Safran), has announced that it will provide 50 ruggedized LiveScan Jumpkits to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). MorphoTrak will partner with solutions integrator SNAP, Inc. to outfit CBP with the portable, climate-hardy kits.

The LiveScan Jumpkit is a solution for biometric acquisition in austere environments, such as the U.S. southwest border, and can be transported and used in military operations and natural disasters. Wherever the kit is required, it can be deployed quickly and efficiently, thanks to its portability. The entire kit is made up of components designed to resist harsh conditions: the MorphoTop® fingerprint scanner, travel document machine readable zone (MRZ) reader, face capture camera, ruggedized laptop, and rechargeable battery are packed in a secure, watertight carrying case.

CBP will use the Jumpkits at U.S. borders to capture fingerprints and face images from visitors to the U.S., and enroll them in a database as current visitors. Captured biometrics can also be searched against selected databases, using standards-compliant transmission. The results can be transmitted back to the unit or another location, speeding biometric identification in situations where time is of the essence.

Steve Vinsik, MorphoTrak Vice President, Criminal Justice and Public Security, commented, "The Jumpkits will provide CBP agents with an enrollment solution that is reliable and functional in a wide range of challenging conditions, which means that agents have the tools they need to perform the critical mission of documenting who is crossing our borders. We are pleased to be partnering with SNAP, Inc. on this valuable contribution to our country's security."

SNAP President Navneet Gupta added, "Initially we viewed the partnership with MorphoTrak as a path to incorporate their solutions into our service offerings. Now, with in-depth exposure to MorphoTrak during the course of implementation of a project, we believe that MorphoTrak's biometric solutions are well suited to support our goals and the missions of multiple agencies under DHS, DoD and other federal agencies. SNAP's biometric solutions, based on MorphoTrak products, can be an answer for current challenges as well as a wave of the future."

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