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PureTech Systems expands long-range persistent surveillance capability with added integrations

PureTech Systems, an Arizona-based physical security software, specializing in video analytics, hasannounced the completed integrations of several force protection sensors. The technical milestone adds to a growing list of long-range persistent surveillance capabilities to the PureActiv Wide Area Surveillance platform aimed at protecting borders and large perimeters. The resulting system capability provides for an enhanced common operating picture (COP)

In addition to the display and management of a variety of security sensors and associated alarms on a single map-based user interface, the PureActiv integrations include ability to synthesize the new sensor data with other sensors already integrated within the PureActiv system. Collaborating this sensor data provides more accurate and robust situational information to the operator.

"Force protection sensors, such as cameras, intelligent fences, ground sensors and radar, continue to evolve in their ability to detect potential targets, but each has scenarios or environments where detection may be less than optimal," explains Larry Bowe, president at PureTech Systems. "The collaboration of data from various sensors via integrations, such as these just announced, overcomes these situations, resulting in higher detection rates and more importantly lower incidence of false alarms. This becomes increasingly important as the demand for very long persistent surveillance along country borders and large facilities pushes the detection limits of surveillance sensors."

The military and other high security facilities have long used this multi sensor layered protection approach, via a variety of sensor types, for highly accurate and robust perimeter protection. It is not until recently that this capability has been readily available to the broader security market as technology has improved and prices have become more affordable.

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