World Security Report2016-05-25 08:44:54

New Tethered Drone from Drone Volt

DRONE VOLT has launched (pardon the pun) a new surveillance solution: the Z18 UF. The Z18 UF, an actual autonomous monitoring station is a wired drone capable of 24h stationary flight, ensuring safe, non-stop aerial surveillance. Equipped with a powerful x18 zoom camera, it's connected to the supply station ELISTAIR on the ground specifically designed for this captive drone. A patented smart fastening system allows operations to be carried out safely. This device, adjustable in height up to 40 meters, offers multiple options of close range shooting at 360° transmitted at high-speed and in real time thanks to its own radio connection. The quick set up time, of just over 10 minutes allows for an almost immediate deployment on site of this mobile monitoring device.

It can be used for a variety of missions including border surveillance, civil defense operations, search and rescue, natural disasters, fire services, crowd surveillance and monitoring of demonstrations and gatherings, etc.

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