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Morpho Detection Launches New Remote Management Capability for Trace Detectors

Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, has launched a new remote management application, Remote Connectâ„¢, for its latest generation Itemiser® explosives trace detector (ETD).

Now available worldwide, Remote Connect software reliably networks Morpho Detection's Itemiser 4DX ETD throughout an entire airport. As a result, airports can realize true central station capabilities including remote monitoring, programming, system maintenance and the seamless storing and retrieval of data. Initially compatible only with Itemiser 4DX, Remote Connect will be expanded across Morpho Detection's full line of desktop, handheld and walkthrough portal ETD systems.

"The launch of Remote Connect fulfills a major operational and security need for our customers while providing new capabilities for the secure storage and reporting of airport-wide data," said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. "Adding value throughout system life by the development of leading-edge networking solutions helps airports grow security capabilities with passenger traffic. Combined with unparalleled service quality and the trusted Itemiser platform, Morpho Detection has created an unmatched industry solution."

Remote Connect enhances the performance of Europe's most selected ETD system, Itemiser 4DX, and builds on Morpho Detection's 25 year heritage protecting travelers at the world's busiest aviation hubs and checkpoints. Leveraging Morpho Detection's advanced ITMSâ„¢ trace technology, Itemiser 4DX quickly detects and identifies trace amounts of explosives on skin, clothing, carried items, bags, vehicles and other surfaces. Currently approved for passenger and cargo screening throughout European Civil Aviation Conference's (ECAC) 44 member nations, more than 1,000 Itemiser 4DX have been shipped to airports around the world.

More than 27,000 Morpho Detection explosives and narcotics trace detectors have been supplied to airports, air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and secure locations worldwide.

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