World Security Report2016-08-24 10:46:53

Carrasco International Airport modernizes Border Control procedures and paves way to future end-to-end single-token travel journey

Montevideo's Carrasco International Airport has just inaugurated an innovative integrated Border Control solution. Easy Airport is the program that is offering passengers, for the first time in the country, self-service Automated Border Control, reinforced by the simultaneous modernization of assisted procedures. Vision-Boxâ„¢ is one of the designated partners to meet the goal of the overarching SISCA - Integrated Airport Security and Control System - of boosting security, whilst revolutionizing the passenger experience.

Integrating both Automated and manual Border Control, the solution was designed and implemented by Vision-Boxâ„¢. A robust bank of vb i-matchâ„¢ eGates is already operational at Arrivals offering a full self-service experience and ensuring passport authentication, background checks and biometric passenger verification. Manned control booths have also been endowed with new touchpoints to optimize processes: vb AIC desktops (Automated Immigration Control) are being used to assist Border Guards in identifying passengers.

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