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BCB floats innovations for Marines

Visitors to this year's Modern Day Marine Show in Quantico (27-29Th September) will be able to see innovations like floating body armour, ballistic protective underwear and terrorist vessel-disabling launchers when they drop by BCB International's booth (2801).

For over 160 years, BCB International Ltd have been developing products designed to help our Armed Forces operate and survive in extreme situations.

As their Managing Director, Andrew Howell, explained they will have on display a number of proven innovations which will be of interest to Marines: "Our mission here at BCB International has always been to design, manufacture and supply life-saving equipment for our brave servicemen and women who are out there every day putting their lives at risk for our defence and security.

"We will be exhibiting three core products which were designed to maximize the operational performance and survivability of Marines. The first one is a self-inflating body armour which automatically inflates within seconds of being immersed in water and positions the wearer on his/her back to keep their airways clear. It also boasts a removable lifejacket which can be taken off if an operation needs to be pursued on land.

"One of the things a soldier fears the most during combat operations, is being maimed by roadside bombs, better known as IEDs (improvised explosive devices). BCB are the pioneers of protective under-garments, dubbed ‘Blast Boxers'. We will be displaying our range of ‘Blast Boxers' on our stand. Made from comfortable and ballistic materials including Kevlar, they are worn instead of underwear and help to protect a soldier's groin area, through which key arteries run, against small fragments projected in an IED explosion.

"Our ports, docks and rivers are vulnerable to piracy, acts of terrorism and narcotics trafficking. Provided in boat-mounted and handheld formats, our non-lethal fast boat stopping systems ingeniously use compressed air and a range of specialized projectiles to intercept vessels weighing up to 3 tonnes and rigid inflatable boats travelling at a speed of 45 knots in seconds. More and more law enforcement authorities are using our boat stopping systems to protect our coastal waters and waterways.

"We look forward to discussing the enormous benefits of our equipment to visitors at the Show."

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