World Security Report2016-10-12 11:18:58

Cambridge Pixel Enhances Radar Tracking Software to Support Small Target Detection

Cambridge Pixel has enhanced its best-in-class SPx radar tracking software with new modelling algorithms to support the detection and tracking of very small targets. The new Model-based Tracking extensions allow an operator to create multiple models that match the signature of likely small and weak targets such as a swimmer or crawler, rigid inflatable boat (RIB), jet ski (see photo), helicopter, small UAV or a motorbike.

Richard Warren, Cambridge Pixel's director of software said: "With our enhanced target tracking software combining a multi-hypothesis approach with this multi-model capability, small and weak targets can now be detected and tracked even in cluttered environments. Our software is highly flexible and can work with a wide range of commercial and military radars to assist our customers in providing effective security and to combat an increase in terrorism, smuggling, piracy and insurgency."

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