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Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security to collaborate with MyDefence

Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) and myDefence, Aalborg/Denmark, are joining forces to develop electronic protection systems. Both companies have signed a cooperation agreement and are now exploring opportunities in the areas of countermeasures against small drones, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) plus Electronic Countermeasures for combat aircraft.

"MyDefence's high-performance technology is fitting ideally into our own product portfolio of proven electronic protection solutions. Together with their highly motivated team and their agility in the market this is the optimum precondition for developing joint business," said Thomas Müller, CEO Airbus EBS, the future Hensoldt.

By pooling proven Airbus EBS long-range capabilities with short and medium range solutions of myDefence from their innovative RF detection products, EBS is further strengthening its position as innovative, full-scale provider within the Counter-UAV market.

MyDefence CEO Christian Steinö added: "The Counter UAV market is very diverse where customers in one end of the scale are looking for short range mobile detection only, while customers in the other end are looking for stationary long range systems with hard kill counter meassures. By combining forces MyDefence and EBS can now offer the full range of high quality products ranging from inexpensive short range detection to full scale systems.

The Counter UAV System to be jointly offered will have a modular, scalable design and will offer the capability to combine various sensors - cameras, radar systems, RF detectors, direction finders - with different ranges of up to 10 kilometres. MyDefence develops small form factor portable RF: UAS detectors, system networked sensors, stand alone or system integrated RF direction finders and a small portable short to medium range radar.

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