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Training Course Title: Cyber Risk Management for Energy Sector
Dates: 26-27 December 2016
Location: Ä°stanbul/Turkey
Detailed Address: Mecidiyeköy Yolu Caddesi, No: 10, Celil Ağa İş Merkezi (Trump Towers yanı), Kat:9, Daire:36

Course Description:

The definition of cyber risk could be associated with any risk of financial loss, disruption or the damage of an organization's reputation due to the failure of its information infrastructure and technology systems. Among all critical sectors, energy sector is becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats due to the increasing interconnection and digitization of the industry.

According to a recent survey, a major attack on US power grid could cause a more than 1 $ trillion economic damage for the national economy. Also, a recent survey indicated that while the majority of the companies see cyber risks as a major business risk, only %29 of them are prepared to handle the consequences of a major cyber-attack. As a result, as the world energy leaders started to recognize the cyber risks among the top concerns of the industry, managing these risks become a critical topic in decision maker's agenda. Nevertheless, it should be highlighted that cyber risk is not a pure technical issue and cyber security-cyber risk are often used interchangeably however they are two different concepts.

The risk assessment related to critical energy infrastructure requires a thorough examination and evaluation of all potential threats, including those targeted against the organization, the critical business operations and the supporting information systems.

Throughout these main arguments IACIPP and Istanbul based think-tank Bilgesam is organizing a two-days training course on Cyber Risk Management for Energy Sector in order to explore best practices of cyber risk management for energy sector and address the concrete cases which could encourage the information sharing among the energy leaders.

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Ayhan Gücüyener, MENA and Caspian Region Director of IACIPP

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