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Uttar Pradesh Police Manage India's Largest Response System with Integrated Public Safety Solution

To better serve its 220 million citizens and respond to 200,000 daily calls, Uttar Pradesh Police deployed our integrated public safety software to centralize dispatch operations and coordinate response efforts for multiple agencies.

With more than 220 million people across 75 districts, Uttar Pradesh is India's most populous state. From dense urban centers to rural areas, Uttar Pradesh's public safety needs are as diverse as the geography and people that inhabit it.

To better serve the public safety needs of its citizens, Uttar Pradesh Police decided to replace its legacy and fragmented systems with a solution that would modernize its incident response and dispatch capabilities. Uttar Pradesh Police wanted an integrated software suite that would centralize state-wide dispatch operations, share incident data across districts, and coordinate response efforts for police, fire, and emergency services with one phone call.

Uttar Pradesh Police selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to implement its industry-leading suite of integrated public safety solutions to enhance incident management and centralize emergency response into one operations center.

Powered by Hexagon's Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system, Uttar Pradesh Police's "Dial 100" Emergency Operation Center relies on Hexagon's advanced call-handling and dispatching capabilities to manage an estimated 200,000 calls per day via its emergency hotline services. With 250 call takers and 150 dispatchers, citizens can contact the "Dial 100" operations center using landlines, VoIP, SMS, email, social media and a mobile application. Citizens can also upload pictures, texts and videos in English and their local dialects, which can be tagged to recorded calls.

Incident information is shared with frontline officers anywhere in the state using mobile applications. The police expect the system to reduce response times to 15 minutes in urban areas and 20 minutes in rural spots.

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