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Detecting & neutralizing malicious drones flights

On Friday, 18 November, the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security (SGDSN) and the ANR (National Research Agency) presented to officials and press several systems to combat drones. Part of this event, the SPYNEL panoramic thermal camera, integrated into the multi-sensor BOREADES system, demonstrated its capability to detect and track all type of drones.

The working Counter UAV systems are usually composed of three different phases: Detection of flying objects, Identification & threat confirmation, Reaction to stop the threat. Spynel is a major technological key component, already integrated in several Counter UAV systems worldwide for the initial and most important phase of early warning.

Spynel is often described as an "infrared radar" : it provides the benefits of a thermal camera, visualizes threats day and night in total darkness, coupled with the benefits of radar as it automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of threats in all directions at once.

For UAV detection, Spynel goes beyond other technologies' abilities in terms of range and functionalities. Spynel, unlike radars, is completely passive and thus it cannot be jammed and it does not disturb the existing electromagnetic environment. It does not operate with a library "matching" mechanism, and therefore can detect even newly released UAVs, or modified commercial models. Thanks to its real time thermal panoramic video, the operator has got the ability to recognize several UAVs in different directions in case of simultaneous attack.

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