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President-elect Donald Trump has selected retired Marine Corps General John Kelly to head up the huge Department of Homeland Security

Seen as a hawk when it comes to border control and immigration, the choice of John Kelly would seem to be an ideal candidate for a Trump Presidency to start delivering on the campaign promises to toughen up on border control.

Until he retired last year he was head of the U.S. Southern Command where he was responsible for running operations against criminal drug gangs and human traffickers in Central and South America.

Known to be straight talking, "he tells it as he sees it" and that is what is said to have shortened his career under the Obama administration.

His appointment will please those voters for whom immigration and border security is a key concern but it may have unforeseen and maybe unwanted implications for a Trump Presidency.

Kelly makes the link between the stability and prosperity of the US's neighbours and mass migration and crime.

Two years ago, Kelly helped the Alliance for Prosperity agreement secure nearly $1 billion of US funds to address problems in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Speaking to a Senate committee last year on behalf of increased aid to Central America, Kelly remarked: "Addressing the root causes of insecurity and instability is not just in the region's interests, but ours as well."

Now he has wider remit than just what's going on in South America, will he advocate "Addressing the root causes of insecurity and instability" on a global basis?

If so, how this approach will sit with an avowed isolationist President, only time will tell. It will be interesting to see if Kelly lasts a full Presidential term?

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