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European Border and Coast Guard Agency Launches Rapid Intervention Pool

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, will be able to deploy as many as 1 500 border guards at short notice to assist member states in emergency situations at their EU's external borders. The creation of the rapid reaction pool is a significant milestone in the development of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which was launched in October.

The rapid reaction pool is made of 1 500 officers committed by EU member states and Schengen associated countries. In a crisis situation, they will be put at the immediate disposal of Frontex, which can deploy them within five working days.
The rapid reaction pool will be an addition to the regular deployment of officers in Frontex operations at EU's external borders.

Member states have also agreed to make available the necessary technical equipment that can be used in rapid intervention operations, including vehicles, vessels and aircraft.

"Today we have gained a powerful tool that will allow Frontex to assist member states and together deal with emergencies at EU's external borders much more quickly and efficiently. We continue to move forward with the development of a truly European Border and Coast Guard Agency that will no longer face shortages of staff or equipment in its operations," said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri.

The rapid reaction pool includes border surveillance officers, registration and finger scanning experts, advanced-level document officers and nationality screening experts.

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