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American Posts Introduces New Concept in Security Bollard Design

American Posts has introduced a unique, octagonal-shaped bollard post that fits a wide range of traffic and pedestrian security applications. The new design is stronger, lighter, easier to handle and ship, and costs significantly less than traditional round steel posts. And it’s made in America.
The pleasing eight-sided shape of the posts certainly makes an immediate aesthetic impression. This is especially important when an application calls for multiple units, such as around the perimeter of a building, near an entrance, or along sidewalks.
Made from ASTM 500 B structural grade steel, these security posts can be quickly surface mounted or embedded in the ground to ensure a high level of protection. Further reinforcement can be achieved with a concrete fill. This stronger, more affordable alternative to standard hot rolled steel bollard posts is manufactured with a G115 Galvanized coating for rust protection, ready to paint or to be installed as is. Posts come in a standard 84" height but can be cut to custom lengths upon request.
“All of our products are made in America, by Americans, and with American steel,” says David Feniger, President of American Posts. “That, along with our reputation for producing quality steel products, is central to who we are as a company.”

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