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Honeywell software update helps security integrators more-easily create complete remote monitoring systems for end-users. 
The Xtralis® Operating System update – XOa 3.2.33 – allows integrators to connect key Xtralis offerings with Honeywell Performance, equIP® and HDZ Series cameras. Combining these cameras with Xtralis’ ADPRO® platforms, FastTrace™ 2E remotely programmable gateway, the new iFT™ Series IP video NVR+, and HeiTel iVG™ video gateways, enables customized solutions for connected buildings. 
“With the integration of Honeywell cameras and Xtralis operating systems, we can now offer enterprise facilities the option for an end-to-end remote monitoring solution,” said Alessandro Araldi, vice president of marketing, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “XOa 3.2.33 creates opportunity for dealers and installers to save money by remotely updating systems and through the simplistic integration with Honeywell cameras.”
Aside from a fast setup, free downloads from Xtralis xChange online license portal allows installers to remotely and efficiently update systems already deployed in the field. Additionally, to expand on remote capabilities, Xtralis video content analytics (VCA) can be deployed on the ADPRO & HeiTel platforms to automatically detect security threats directly from Honeywell IP camera streams. 
The available security analytics include IntrusionTrace™ VCA, for powerful and configurable perimeter and intrusion threat detection, and LoiterTrace™ VCA to detect loitering before a threat can escalate. When fully integrated, this creates a security environment that provides reliable detection, visual verification and remote response. Also available is SmokeTrace™ VCA, for remote video verification of a smoke threat, and ClientTrace™ VCA for identifying and alerting customer interest at designated zones in a retail environment.  
In addition, the integration options also offer cost savings for installers. For example, Honeywell’s low-light camera technology performs optimally with Xtralis video analytics, without the need for external light sources to brighten the scene. Further, the cameras’ motorized focal zoom aids in set-up and calibration for installers. 

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