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OnSSI Integration with Jemez Technology Improves Perimeter Surveillance Effectiveness
OnSSI’s partnering initiative with Jemez Technology makes perimeter video surveillance solutions employing AXIS cameras even more effective in protecting critical assets and infrastructure.

The Ocularis 5 VMS platform’s open architecture enables integration with the Jemez Eagle-i Edge® solution and AXIS cameras to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.
“The integration of Ocularis with Jemez software is a best-in-class fit for security management tasked with securing wide-area, long-range environments,” said Mulli Diamant, VP of International Business Development, OnSSI. “OnSSI’s ability to embrace technology innovations from other leading manufacturers is an important factor in our continued ability to deliver cutting-edge VMS solutions for professional security applications and beyond.”
Jemez Technology, established by former engineers and scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), provides advanced area and perimeter surveillance solutions for corporate and homeland security, with emphasis on critical asset and infrastructure protection. The company’s Eagle-i Edge on-camera analytics platform, specifically designed and optimized for AXIS camera networks, integrates with OnSSI solutions to significantly improve threat detection capability and lower operational costs.
“The integration of our Eagle-i Edge platform with Ocularis optimizes system efficiency and performance,” said Ted Turner, Director of Global Sales, Jemez Technology. “Now, end users have improved management of high risk surveillance data with capabilities that enhance agility and control.”
Ocularis 5 offers a unique combination of enhanced features, recording versatility, robust data security, and overall stability that transcend conventional VMS solutions. Recent additions to the Ocularis 5 platform include: an auto-updating feature like those available on most smartphones and tablets; Smart Camera Driver technology that provides out-of-the-box support for newly introduced cameras from industry-leading camera manufacturers; camera mapping via GPS on Ocularis Maps; and a new Mobile app that enables the streaming of live video from Android smartphones and devices to and from the Ocularis 5 VMS.
Ocularis is offered in three models: Professional, designed for organizations operating multiple locations with small to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and Ultimate, created for large organizations with extended command and control needs and recording server failover.

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