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Alameda County Sheriff's Office Changes Body-Worn Video Platform; Moves to Axon Network
Axon has announced the purchase of 1,200 Axon Body 2 cameras by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) making it the 22nd member of the 77 Major County Sheriffs of America to join the Axon network. The deal includes a five-year license on the Officer Safety Plan with Axon Signal technology. The order was received in the second quarter of 2017 and the cameras are expected to ship in multiple phases throughout the year.
ACSO implemented its first body-worn video (BWV) program in 2012 utilizing cameras, software and storage. In December 2015, ACSO formed a committee to study national BWC policies, guidelines, recommendations and technologies as part of a larger effort to better align to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) practices. As part of this effort, ACSO conducted an extensive on-site testing and evaluation process with seven vendors to determine who could best meet the agency’s needs. At the conclusion of the four-month field trial and evaluation, Axon received the highest score of any vendor and was selected by ACSO.
“We are thrilled to add the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office to our growing list of Axon customers,” said Axon CEO and Founder Rick Smith. “Alameda's robust procurement process serves as an example of the critical importance that field trials play for evaluating technology partners and their solutions. We look forward to partnering with ACSO to ensure their future success,” concluded Smith.
“We’re excited to deploy Axon’s suite of products because this is advanced technology and it will continue to advance,” says ACSO’s Sheriff Gregory Ahern. “Technology like this will help improve efficiency, reduce human error, and allow us to better document and share evidence. Our goal is to increase public trust and transparency – partnering with Axon will ultimately help make us better at doing our jobs,” Ahern concluded.

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