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Revolutionising the Protection of People in Crowded Places

In a volatile and changing threat environment which has seen a rise in extremism and altering attack targets, it is fundamental that protective measures are used to secure both critical national infrastructure and crowded places within the public realm. The latter is a more recent target for extremists and one which is more difficult to protect against due to the sporadic nature of attacks.

It has always been recognised that terrorists could employ the vehicle itself as a weapon and the recent high profile attacks on the Prom D’Angalis in Nice, the Christmas Market in Berlin and Westminster Bridge have reminded us of this and highlighted that temporary events or tourist areas provide high densities of people with little physical protection from vehicle attack.

Whilst explosive devices used in historical attacks are difficult to construct and deploy, vehicles are readily available and require no special or unusual skills to use them as effective weapons, this has changed the face of terror attacks and altered the target from being infrastructure to infrastructure and crowded places within the public realm.

Protective measures for people within the public realm are normally required on a temporary basis surrounding an event or a seasonal tourist attraction. Existing measures are effective but heavy, slow to deploy, difficult to store and cumbersome to transport and remove. ATG Access is attending the Counter Terror Security Exhibition 2017 to launch not one, not two but three new and revolutionary temporary protection devices. The new product launches aim to provide the security industry with a more flexible solution which is easy to store, quick to deploy and operationally, a lot easier to work with. The three different innovations provide the industry with options and alternatives for different site scenarios in order to protect people within the public realm.

All solutions are completely surface mounted leaving no trace of ever being deployed once removed. The aesthetics of the products allow for promotional space if required to clearly advertise the event or tourist attraction being attended.

Product configurations are able to be deployed to completely exclude vehicles from an area for as long as the devices are in situ or to allow vehicle access when required. All configurations maintain excellent pedestrian permeability avoiding a fortress mentality or the slowing of pedestrian footfall down within a busy event/area. 

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