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EFAFLEX have established a separate division within the Munich based business to specifically focus on ballistic protected and anti- burglary high- speed doors.

Rainer Daniel, Head of Ballistic Protection and former special force explained, ‘We are considered as global pioneers within the high-speed door industry. This latest development and the formation of the EFAPROTECT enables us to enter a highly specialised market. We have designed the world’s first multi- hit resistant shutter which is ballistic protected up to cal. 5,56 x 45, 7,61 x 51 and 7,62 x 39.’ He went on to add, ‘EFAFLEX doors are installed around the globe. The brand is synonymous with premium quality and precision engineering. We have taken that expertise, and used that knowledge. Not only is EFAPROTECT burglar resistant up to RC4 but it has exceptional opening and closing door blade speeds of up to 2 metres per second. As you can imagine, speed is of the essence under high threat security related situations.’

EFAPROTECT combine maximum operating speeds, ballistic protection and functional security and will be available in a variety of protection classes, which are certified according to country specific guidelines. The high- speed shutters will feature EFAFLEX’s unique patented spiral design which is virtually wear free for reduced maintenance and extremely quiet. Aesthetically the high-speed shutter can be manufactured to blend in with environments and available in all RAL colours and maximum dimensions of (H) 4500mmm x (W) 4000mm.

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