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Honeywell Adds Push Notifications to GX Remote Control Mobile Application for Galaxy Security Systems
Honeywell has added push notifications to its mobile application, GX Remote Control, for Galaxy Dimension and Galaxy Flex intruder alarm control panels.  
Push notifications are instant messages sent directly to a user’s smart device when an alarm has triggered their security system, providing peace of mind whenever they are away from their home or business. Users can then log into their security system via the GX Remote Control mobile app and take appropriate steps to address the alert. Unlike SMS notifications, push notifications are sent through an IP connection rather than a GSM phone connection, and therefore cost the user nothing to receive.  
An installer can set up various types of push notifications relating to their system alarms and other system status, such as system set and unset. These notifications are triggered via the security panel, meaning the user only needs to have the GX Remote Control App set up on their smart device to receive these notifications. 
 “We recognise the need for business and home owners to be in control of their work and personal lives no matter where they are. Push notifications and the GX Remote Control App give users that control, alerting them to any security alerts on their properties and enabling them to take action to deal with the situation and potentially avert loss and damage,” said Piotr Karpinski, product marketing manager of Security and Fire, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “Put simply, our systems help give users peace of mind, wherever they are in the world.” 

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