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IPS announces the addition of the new TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer to their existing range of REI Products
International Procurement Services, (IPS) is pleased to announce the addition of the New TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer to their existing range of Research Electronics International (REI) products. 
The new TALAN 3.0 has enhanced VoIP traffic analysis on phones and networks, patent pending FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithm for visual display of VoIP traffic, earth/ground testing for modified connections to extraneous wiring and an advanced input panel to accept and test shielded ethernet cables. 
The TALAN 3.0 analyses digital, analogue and VoIP phone systems and wiring for faults, anomalies and security risks using a suite of telephone tests including an automatic switching matrix. By capturing and analysing the network stream for fast identification of unauthorised VoIP traffic it can quickly detect if a VoIP phone system is passing data packets even when the phone is not in use. 
The easy-to-use interface allows users to visually observe patterns of consistent, repetitive traffic. Common VoIP services will often display a unique set of characteristics that can later be used to visually identify similar sets of traffic. Extensive, advanced filtering makes it easier to locate and identify suspicious packet information.

Existing TALAN 2.0 units can be upgraded to utilize the 3.0 functionality. 
All newly purchased TALAN units will have the new software and hardware included.

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