World Security Report2017-07-14 12:33:36

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Gunnebo Group has won an order worth €2.5 million for Entrance Security solutions from a high risk site in India.
Gunnebo’s products will be integrated to a solution which is designed to provide authorized entrance control for an expected 10,000 personnel daily, with the ability to track movement of people inside the building, as well as authorized access of vehicles from eight gate entry points.
“This high security government site demanded a robust and comprehensive solution to meet its critical security needs while ensuring a streamlined flow of people and vehicles, and meeting tight deadlines and aesthetic standards,” said Henrik Lange, President and CEO, Gunnebo Group. “The client also wanted a partner with global experience of securing high risk sites.”
Gunnebo has a good record of executing complex projects at critical sites in Asia with infrastructure to provide maintenance and support. Delivery begins in August. The installation is due for completion by mid-December 2017.

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