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DeTect Releases DroneWatcher APP on Amazon Appstore for Fire Tablets  
DeTect has announced the release of its popular DroneWatcher APP on Amazon’s Appstore for Fire Tablets.  The DroneWatcher APP makes Android devices such as Amazon’s Fire tablets into personal or business drone detectors for security and personal privacy protection.  The app is available in a free and a paid Pro version, and, for a limited time*, DeTect is providing the DroneWatcher APP Pro upgrade version for no charge on the Amazon Appstore at the following LINK or by searching for ‘DroneWatcher’ on Amazon.   
Depending on the strength of the device’s WiFi, a DroneWatcher enabled device will detect most non-encrypted WiFi or RF controlled drones at ranges from ¼ to ½ mile, providing an audible and visual alert when a drone is detected. With the Pro version, users can group multiple Fire tablets and smartphones together to form low-cost, wide area mesh networks for monitoring of large areas and, when one device detects a drone, all devices in the group will be alerted. The Pro version displays the make and model of the drone detected and logs the drone’s unique ID number to a database.  
The Pro version also includes a “power bar” that allows the user to determine the general direction of detected drone’s controller. The DroneWatcher APP currently detects 85%+ of non-encrypted, WiFi and RF controlled consumer drones on the market.
For added, multi-layer security, the DroneWatcher APP can integrate with DeTect’s DroneWatcherRF and DroneWatcher Drone Surveillance Radar (DSR) sensors to provide a near 100% drone detection and defense solution.

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