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Raytheon enhances cyber threat hunting with CyberSponse automation tools
Raytheon Company will integrate the CyberSponse security platform to automate threat detection and response for its managed services customers. This technology collaboration combines CyberSponse's automated incident response and security orchestration capabilities with Raytheon's innovative Virtual-Security Operations Center, or V-SOC services, to reduce attacker dwell time in enterprises defended by Raytheon.
The combination of Raytheon and CyberSponse capabilities will give existing security operations centers the ability to collect data and react at near machine speed. This approach improves the efficiency of security operations by removing the time consuming and repetitive manual tasks found throughout the incident response lifecycle.
"Our enhanced offering enables our expert human defenders to do what they do best: hunt for more sophisticated, evolving threats," said Mark Orlando, chief technology officer for Raytheon's managed security services business. 
SOC orchestration, the method of connecting security tools and data, and automation platforms are gaining traction in the security product market because they automate time-consuming incident response tasks across multiple point security products and case management tools. 
"CyberSponse's advanced technology coupled with Raytheon's expertise in managed security services bring together a powerful combination of experience and technology to advance protective measures for customers," said Larry Johnson, CEO of CyberSponse.  "Our collaboration with Raytheon enhances our security automation platform which is essentially the central nucleus of security operations teams and toolsets." 

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