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Kirintec introduce Sky Net Recurve Max, counter drone threat solution

Increasingly Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and drones are being deployed in asymmetric warfare. The enemy uses them for surveillance and to deliver payloads.

Kirintec has developed a unique patented solution to counter this weapon of choice. Their Sky Net suite of products counters UAS being flown from many kilometers away, denying them entry to an identified exclusion zone.

Sky Net is available as vehicle mounted solution called Longbow and Sky Net Recurve Max is an enhanced man-portable version, offering a frequency range of 20MHz to 6GHz.

The Sky Net system is designed for military, government, security, public event security and VIP protection.

It doesn’t matter whether there is one drone or if it is a swarm attack, Sky Net will deny their video and control links.

 Over time, as new threats emerge, Sky Net will continue to defend as it can be easily re-programmed. Moreover, there is a minimal training burden requirement from your team.

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