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Securiport Unveils eGates, A Big Data Analytics Solution That Helps Airports Securely Vet Passengers Faster for Better Traveler Experience, and Shorter Lines at Senegal’s International Airport 
Securiport has announced it successfully launched eGates, it’s smart immigration processing gate that securely expedites passenger lines through automated intelligent vetting using big data analytics. The launch was deployed at the Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport in Dakar, Senegal, where an inaugural ceremony was recently held presided over by Senegal’s Director of the National Police, Mr. Oumar Maal; the General Director of the Senegal Airports Agency (ADS), Mr. Pape Maël Diop; and Securiport’s General Manager, Mr. Franck Dour.
Securiport’s eGates provide governments with the ability to save resources and expedite the excruciatingly slow immigration processing of travelers. These automated immigration gates speed up the vetting process (a 15-second average processing time) and provide a better airport experience without compromising security.
International Security experts noted that, at a time when global airports are challenged by increased threat assessments and slower passenger lines, Securiport’s eGates intelligent solution could help international airports and Government Aviation Authorities improve operational security and deliver a better traveler experience overall. Securiport’s eGatesoffer a better way to effectively cope with the congestion at terminals during simultaneous arrival of multiple flights.  For example, every year, 2 million people travel through this international airport in Dakar. Leveraging Securiport’s eGates, the Senegalese airport can process up to nearly 6,000 passengers per day, per gate. The automated immigration gates read and analyze travelers’ passports, scan their fingerprints, snap their photos and perform detailed identity database background checks in a matter of seconds versus minutes to hours.

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