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Gunnebo to Supply Marseille Airport with Biometric Immigration Control
The Gunnebo Group will supply Marseille Airport with biometric border control gates in a deal worth €830,000.
Using biometric fingerprint authentication technology, the gates will enable passengers to cross the border simply, quickly and without delays.
With passenger volumes constantly increasing at the airport, automation of immigration control will raise efficiency and help improve the flow of cross-border traffic without compromising security, moving travellers through immigration checkpoints faster while monitored by Border Police.
The work is part of the French government’s PARAFE programme, or Automated Fast Track Crossing at External Borders. It will be completed in partnership with Imprimerie Nationale, specialists in biometric passports.
Gunnebo will install biometric entrance control gates starting in late October 2017 and with completion by mid-January 2018.

"Gunnebo has understood our needs and proposed the right solution for us," comments William Colo, Maintenance Director at Marseille Airport. "Their capacity to deploy within a short planning period with a high level of project management was key. This project is important for us as it will impact on passengers, airport processes and our image."

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