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Boeing Awarded National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Security Data Contracts

Boeing received approximately $24 million in new orders from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, extending the company's work to speed delivery and analysis of critical, time-sensitive intelligence imagery to the agency's end-users.

The work to be conducted under the Global Geospatial Intelligence contract will be utilized by military and homeland security leaders, as well as the commercial aviation and shipping industries.

"By tapping into Boeing's unique expertise in data production, image analysis and visualization capabilities, the NGA receives the most accurate data available while meeting schedule and cost requirements,� said Brian Knutsen, general manager of Boeing S&IS Mission Systems, which provides technology and services to the Intelligence Community. "These contracts reaffirm the partnership and service that Boeing has provided to the NGA for more than a decade.�

The orders include assembling geospatial feature data of high security-risk areas worldwide, producing detailed maps of cities in Iraq and Southeast Asia, producing digital nautical charts to improve maritime safety and plotting vertical obstructions for more than 50 air fields around the world. Boeing also will continue enhancing radar data of the earth from a previous space shuttle mission and will provide image analysis personnel and project management support to the NGA throughout the Washington, DC, area.

Boeing is a prime contractor on the NGA's Global Geospatial Initiative, a 10-year program initiated in 2003 that uses government-funded and open-source technologies to speed up the production, analysis and delivery of time-sensitive intelligence imagery.

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