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FEC Heliports introduce the new HEMS-Station Solar Plus product

The new HEMS-Station Solar Plus consists of the housing for up to 10 HEMS-Star portable lights, a remote lighting controller, complete with solar panel and solar powered illuminated wind cone.

The FEC Heliport's HEMS-Station® is designed to securely house and charge HEMS-Star® portable helipad lights adjacent to designated helipads and can be mounted either inside a building or externally to a wall, post or floor mounting frame.

4 units have already been sold to a UK Air Ambulance operator for designated helipads in rural districts. These units are completely autonomous and include an Illuminated wind cone and solar power source.

The system can be installed within a couple of days and are ready to use immediately. 

Key features:

  HEMS-Station® can accommodate and charge up to 10 HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® battery lights keeping them fully charged and ready for immediate deployment.

• HEMS-Station® can be powered from a 110 - 230V AC mains supply or a solar array or wind turbine or any combination of the above, automatically switching to the lowest cost/greenest source of supply.

  All units incorporate mains powered, thermostatically controlled cabinet heater to combat condensation.

  The HEMS-Station is fitted with an internal cabinet light to make night time operation easier and safer. The cabinet light runs from its own internal battery and charger ensuring up to 3 hours continuous running on battery alone.

 A 'Spike Rack' is mounted in the enclosure door holding up to 10 ground spikes which can be quickly fixed to HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® lights for deployment in difficult topology (e.g. long grass).

  Powder coated steel enclosure and door with IP65 rating.

 Twin locks with matching keys

  All internal metalwork and fixings are A2 stainless steel.

  The standard method of fixing is directly to a wall. Optionally both post mounting and a floor standing frame can be supplied. 

For more information contact:
1 The Mead Business Centre
176-178 Berkhampstead Road
United Kingdom
Tel:     +442081445934



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