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The International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals (IACIPP) is delighted to announce the appointment of Alessandro LAZARI, Director of the IACIPP South-Mediterranean Region

Alessandro is a Contract Agent of the European Commission’s ERNCIP (European Reference Network for CIP), which is a supporting project of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP) that addresses the needs of a more harmonised and efficient European approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

He received undergraduate education in Bologna University – Faculty of Law (Italy). He completed his Master’s Degree with a thesis on “Constitutional rights related to trials” in 2004. He then applied to the Specialisation School of Law at University of Lecce (Italy) and got his specialisation in 2006, with a dissertation on “Cybercrimes and digital forensics”. He defended his PH.D in Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Telecommunications at the Faculty of System and Informatics (University of Florence) in 2013 with a dissertation on “State of play of European Critical Infrastructure Protection. Ten years after 11th of September 2001 and an outlook to the future.”

Alessandro is part of the ERNCIP Project since December 2010. During the last 7 years, he has worked on policy support to the “European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection”, to “Strengthening Europe’s Cyber Resilience System and Fostering a Competitive and Innovative Cybersecurity Industry”, as well as on research and development of pre-normative support to standards, establishment of certification schemes for security products and development of qualified training for security managers.

He has also assessed and analysed the impact of security-related policies and regulations on European Union’s Member States and extracted best practices and key performance indicators. He is author of the book ‘European Critical Infrastructure Protection’ published by Springer Inc. in 2014.

His areas of expertise include Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Physical and Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures, Information Sharing for CIPR, policy and strategy making for CIP, advanced qualification and training for security managers, transboundary cooperation and crisis management.

As one of his first projects on behalf of IACIPP Alessandro will launch a new working group on “Fostering Cooperation Around Common Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities: A Public and Private Perspective”. The Group will work under the coordination of Alessandro.

Goal of the Group is to produce a simple guide for practitioners that have a role in fostering or improving neighbouring countries' cooperation in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience. It is recognised, in fact, that many neighbouring countries still have no framework for allowing cooperation on CIPR-related matters. Therefore, the document produced by the Group should suggest a potential roadmap, elements to consider and a focus on the avoidance and joint reaction to transboundary externalities. The sectors considered by this work would be energy and possibly transports. The Director would like to recruit sufficient experts to look at both the governments and operators’ perspectives in view to highlight activities that should be taken in consideration and narrow them down in a sort of checklist with reference to most effective practices and implementation steps. The experts that would like to contribute to such group can express their interest by sending an email to

John Donlon QM Chairman of the IACIPP said: “We are delighted to welcome Alessandro to the association. He brings a dynamism and enthusiasm plus wealth of experience and knowledge to our community of CIP professionals.”

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