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Rigaku host a session at the 6th World Customs Organization, Technology and Innovation Forum in Japan
Rigaku will host an informative session entitled, “Expanded Contraband and Threat Identification Using 1064 nm Handheld Raman” presented by Mr. Bree Allen, President, Rigaku Analytical Devices, Inc. The presentation will offer solutions for optimizing flow, safety and security of global supply chains and highlight the performance of the Rigaku Progeny ResQ handheld Raman analyzer.
Designed to provide emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with at-scene chemical analysis and threat identification, the Progeny™ ResQ™ analyzer provides comprehensive threat detection in a handheld platform. With its unique 1064 nm excitation laser, the Progeny ResQ analyzer can measure colored solids and liquids as well as substances through containers, overcoming issues of fluorescence interference that affect other handheld Raman devices.

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