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Atos signs key contract with RTE to renew France’s power grid control system with guaranteed information security
Atos has announced a new contract with RTE, the French transmission system operator, to renew its extra high voltage power grid control system. Led by Atos Worldgrid, the Atos entity for smart energy solutions, the project aims to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the largest electricity transmission network in Europe.
As part of this ambitious program, Atos Worldgrid, in partnership with global technology leader ABB, provides the design, development, deployment, and support of RTE’s national and regional electricity network control system. ABB provides the ABB Ability Network Manager control system (SCADA/EMS system), in line with international standards, and the engineering that goes with it.
RTE needs to ensure the security of supply and the quality of its infrastructure to ensure optimal management of the flow of electricity on the network. 
In order to fully respond to RTE’s needs, Atos Worldgrid and ABB will put in place a system which covers all the requirements with the following advantages:
Standard system, configured to fit RTE’s needs, to guarantee a proven performance and levels of service expected;
Simple, safe and efficient architecture, with synchronized and redundant data centers, providing operators with a completely transparent continuity of service;
Guaranteed information security, reinforced by the architecture with expert support;
Standardization and scalability, in accordance with ENTSO-E regulations, enabling the system to be extended to European level.
Sebastien HENRY, Chief Information Officer at RTE, said: "The renewal of our control and supervision system is one of the key elements of RTE's industrial transformation, adapting the French transmission grid to the energy transition’s challenges. Developed in close collaboration with our long-standing partners Atos and ABB, this new technological solution will be part of the electrical and digital system that RTE currently implements to make the most of its infrastructure.
Franck Chevalley, Head of Atos Worldgrid concludes: "As one of RTE’s long-term partners, Atos has already demonstrated its ability to provide a quality service over the long-term through the National Control System (SNC). Our knowledge of the specifics of this profession in the world of energy, positions Atos as a crucial partner. With ABB, the Atos Group is building a solution, based on the best practice in the market and on long-term experience of standing alongside RTE to meet the challenges of the energy challenges of tomorrow.

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