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Sasa Software presented two advanced cybersecurity technologies at Defense & Security. Gate Scanner® Mail performs a deep threat scan and content disarm on every incoming email, while Gate Scanner® Application Server utilizes the CDR technology for the safe transfer of files from public to classified networks.
According to Yakov Yeroslav, CEO of Sasa Software, “We live in a world of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, capable of evading detection. Instead of relying on detection, we treat every incoming email and file as suspicious, transforming them into a neutralized copy you can trust.  Both solutions meet stringent US, Singaporean, and Israeli security regulations as well as answering the cybersecurity needs of intelligence organizations, security companies, and government agencies around the world.”
Gate Scanner® Mail - Email is the primary attack vector for malware, including the recent wave of Petya ransomware.  This unique solution deconstructs the entire email – including the email’s body, attachments, videos, encrypted files, banners, links, PDF signatures, etc. It then scans each deconstructed component separately, providing in-depth advance detection of any network attacks. Next, the system cleans any infected components and reconstructs the email – before it reaches the user. 
Gate Scanner® Application Server - Meeting the needs of global security agencies, this sophisticated system enables the safe transfer of information from a public to a classified network. The highly scalable technology supports several different 3rd party applications working simultaneously, transferring files automatically – whether on a physical data center appliance, a virtual appliance, or a private cloud. For an increased level of security, data is sent unidirectionally into the classified network using Gate Scanner® Injector, a fiber-optic-based data diode.   
Mr. Yeroslav further stated, “These solutions are designed to defeat the serious cyber threats currently being faced by the countries of the region. They can deal with the most sophisticated cyber-attacks."

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