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MARSS to Install Long-Range Security and Climber Detection Systems to Protect Merchant Vessels
MARSS has secured a refit contract for the installation of their automated security systems NiDAR and CLIMBERguard onboard merchant vessels.
This project will integrate security radar and daylight/infrared cameras, as well as climber detection capability to deliver layered 360° surveillance for the monitoring, detection and tracking of surface objects in the vicinity of a vessel.
The NiDAR system developed by MARSS is providing all-round air, surface and underwater perimeter security to protect high value maritime assets. 
Operating autonomously and discreetly 24/7, NiDAR tracks both known and unknown objects around a vessel, while smart software algorithms automatically analyse and rank threats, triggering alerts to notify users as required. 
Climber detection is achieved with the self-contained CLIMBERguard units that combine micro-radars, imaging sensors and processing to automatically detect, classify and track approaches close to and scaling the vessel sides.
Multi-touch command and control interfaces present a clear situational awareness picture to crew as a fixed installation onboard or remotely via smart mobile devices aiding decision-making and rapid response.
"We are delighted to have been awarded this contract that demonstrates the flexibility of MARSS systems to meet client requirements and deliver increased long-range security capability to vessels." Johannes Pinl, CEO & Founder. 
Current MARSS maritime projects include military, passenger, commercial and private vessels.

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