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eGates from secunet for faster border control at Vienna International Airport

The airport in Vienna is one of the key hubs to Eastern Europe, and it now relies on automated border control systems (eGates) from secunet.
A total of 25 eGates were installed in December and have now been put into operation, ensuring convenient and efficient border control.

The implementation of biometrics-based eGates means that passengers can now expect shorter transfer times as well as faster arrivals and departures at Vienna airport. This is because passengers pass through the control gates autonomously, so checks can be performed in parallel. The entire process takes just a few seconds - from placing the electronic passport on the ID reader for an optical and electronic check of security features, to exiting the gate.

While the experience of crossing the border is more pleasant and quicker for passengers, border control officers are comprehensively supported in their sovereign responsibilities by means of intuitive monitoring. Integrated, sophisticated document verification, high-performance biometric procedures, and smart sensors ensure the same high level of security which is achieved with stationary border control. The secunet easygate is based on open standards, meaning that it can be flexibly adapted to future changes and expansions.

The overall system for border control initially consists of 25 control gates, of which 16 are available for departures and nine for arrivals. In addition to training, support, and maintenance, the company is also delivering software for monitoring, evaluation and administration workstations, and a centralised server system for connecting peripheral systems and controlling the eGates.

In the context of border control, biometrics and electronic ID documents, secunet maintains long-term collaboration with Austria. The company supplies the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) with systems for stationary border control as well as for capturing biometric data for electronic residence permits. In addition, secunet is partner to the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA) with respect to biometric data capture for visas in Austrian agencies abroad.

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