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US Air Force Certifies FlexZone® To Protect Critical Assets
Senstar has announced that FlexZone, its newest generation ranging fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor, has been certified to protect critical assets at U.S. Air Force (USAF) bases worldwide. FlexZone joins a number of other Senstar products on the USAF’s Approved Equipment List (AEL), including the OmniTrax® buried intrusion detection sensor and the UltraWave™ microwave intrusion detection sensor.
“To be added to the AEL, FlexZone underwent exhaustive qualification, testing and evaluation and proved to have all the necessary requirements,” said Kevin Bradley, President North America Sales and Service. “Senstar is very proud that FlexZone has been certified to protect critical assets of the USAF.”
FlexZone, along with the rest of Senstar’s portfolio of perimeter security technologies, provides early warning of intrusions along the perimeter of a site triggering deterrent devices such as security lighting or sirens, cueing up camera systems, and directing security personnel.
Current Senstar products approved to protect USAF sites are FlexZone fence-mounted sensor, OmniTrax Buried Line Sensor (BLS), UltraWave Microwave Sensor, and the DTR-90 taut wire system. FlexZone, OmniTrax, and UltraWave provide a natural upgrade path to previously-approved older generation products, namely the FPS-2-2R fence-mounted sensor, Sentrax and Perimitrax Buried Line Sensors, and the Racon series of Microwave Sensors (MPS-14000-1, 14000-32, 16000-4, and 4100 respectively.

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