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Thermoteknix Systems are introducing the TiCAM 1000B, multi-function thermal imaging biocular.
“TiCAM 1000B is an exciting addition to the existing range of Thermoteknix’ lightweight, non-ITAR portable imaging systems for day and night-time security, surveillance and observation.” said Dr Richard Salisbury, Thermoteknix Managing Director.

TiCAM 1000B is based on a Thermoteknix MicroCAM 3, high resolution, uncooled thermal imager. It features a laser range finder, digital magnetic compass, real-time in-camera digital recording and GPS providing accurate target location and co-ordinates. It can be connected to information/command systems for real-time data exchange.

A range of accessories include a lightweight Carbon Fibre tripod with a calibrated custom high precision goniometer.

With intra-ocular adjustment, the biocular TiCAM 1000B is more comfortable to use than monocular or other thermal imaging multi-function devices. The camera is lightweight, compact and operates on internal AA batteries for 10 hours of continuous use or from external DC power.

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