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Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 has already processed more than 1.5 million departing passengers using facial recognition systems from IDEMIA

In the context of soaring world airport passenger numbers (2016: up 6.3% to 3.7 billion and 700 new routes), the need for passenger identification coupled with demanding safety standards is becoming ever more critical. 

In October last year Changi Airport’s latest Terminal - Terminal 4 opened its doors to the travelling public and has already processed more than 1.5 million departing passengers. Passengers are processed using a system based on facial recognition from IDEMIA, enjoying a secure and innovative seamless experience as part of Changi’s FAST and Seamless Travel program.

Selected by Changi Airport in 2015, IDEMIA has deployed its MorphoPass Airport Solution to automated passenger ID checks using facial recognition at all departure control points.  The system includes a centralized platform used by airlines and the airport to manage the various steps required for passenger authentication and identification, MorphoFace and MorphoWay (a fully automated gate for both border control and smart boarding).

Changi Airport was ranked the world’s top airport for the fifth year in a row in 2017, and for the eighth time since the award was first introduced in 2000.  T4 has been created to be its most innovate terminal and can handle up to 16 million passengers per year increasing Changi’s overall annual capacity to 82 million passengers.

Philippe BARREAU, Group Executive Vice President, Citizen Identity & Public Security, spokesperson for IDEMIA said “IDEMIA is thrilled that it has already helped more than 1.5 million passengers enjoy the best customer experience for travellers in the world at Terminal 4.  IDEMIA strives to protect passengers so they travel in complete safety, backed by novel and convenient solutions to ensure there is no let-up in security standards while increasing convenience.”

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