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everis presents new ABC (Automated Border Control) solution as part of its Smart Borders service catalogue

everis Aerospace, Defense and Security, a company of everis Group, has recently presented its latest gate solution for Automated Border Control. As part of the suite of Smart Borders developed by everis Aerospace, Defense and Security, the solution integrates the eGate module, with an interface that enables users to follow the verification steps required intuitively and autonomously; and the Monitoring and Videosurveillance modules, to enable the officers in charge to monitor the activities at all times and make decisions regarding border crossing.

This product was designed to simultaneously gather biometric and documentary data in order to ensure their veracity. It comprises a password and national eID reader, as well as a system for live facial image collection, which captures the passenger’s face and introduces it in the biometric verification system right away. Depending on the requirements, the gates also allow to integrate a fingerprint reader. All these features make it possible to quickly and safely verify the identity of individuals and the authenticity of their documents in areas with high public traffic.

everis’ new ABC solution is based on the use of compact gates that require little space, thus increasing the amount of units that can be deployed in the same area, and reducing installation times. Their modular and stackable configuration allows rapid expansion, and their transparent design makes it easier to visually monitor both the passenger’s and the officer’s premises at all times.

This product has already been approved by the National Police Forces of Spain within a framework contract with AENA. This way they acknowledge the compliance of the gates with all necessary security requirements and endorse their suitability for border control purposes.

The new ABC gates are included in the catalogue of the Identity area, which is part of the Security department. The Identity area at everis Aerospace, Defense and Security designs and implements projects for clients in the public and private sectors by integrating technological capabilities in biometric identity systems, document issuance and verification, identity fraud control, or digital signature. 

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