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Merseyrail are the first rail operator for Pinnacle Response’s latest body-worn solution. 
Pinnacle’s advanced innovation, a touch-screen ‘Upload Control Module’ (UCM), was developed to meet the needs of the client and is now deployed throughout the Merseyrail Network. 
Pinnacle Response have been pioneers in product development for over a decade, building solutions and satisfying the needs of the client. Pinnacle products have evolved with technological advancements whilst closely listening to all important client feedback. Unlike many other body-worn camera resellers, Pinnacle does not simply re-package existing technology. Pinnacle Response design, manufacture and supply their own bespoke body-worn solutions. 
The latest Pinnacle UCM, simply put; requires zero reliance on computer hardware or IT resources. All the client needs is a power socket and an internet connection for this stand-alone solution to be rolled out for seamless use of body-worn cameras. Ideal for multi-site clients such as Merseyrail with many station locations. 
PR6 body-cams promote employee confidence, provide concrete backup and a full overview of the scene when required. These body-cams are now utilised by the Revenue Protection Teams within the Merseyrail network. 

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