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PENTA Scanner Cube® - Document Scanner Optimized for Integration
DESKO present the redesigned PENTA Scanner Cube, a multifunctional and user-friendly document scanner optimized for an easy integration in self-service environments, e.g. kiosks, counters or gates. 
The PENTA Scanner Cube stands out by its reliable image capture technology providing high-resolution images of all ID and passport documents under three different light sources, i.e. visible, infrared and UV-light.  
Optional features like RFID/NFC reading make the PENTA Scanner Cube a future-proof solution for security applications. The device is by default equipped with scratch and break resistant PERLUCOR® security glass on the scan window. In addition, it is water and dust resistant in accordance with IP54 standards. These features make the PENTA Scanner Cube a highly durable product solution that is best prepared for a long life cycle in the self-service environment. 
Learn about the latest DESKO product solutions for ID document verification and authentication in the fields of border control, immigration, visitor registration and many more - live at DESKO booth 17 at World Border Security Congress.

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