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Border Technology Story
In 2015, three students a Bethnal Green Academy with known terrorists connections flew without issue from London to Syria to marry ISIS fighters. Had the screening process taken into account their online history or Scotland Yard’s records, their terrorist plot would have ended in the airport. 
Two of these “Jihadi Brides” are still unaccounted for. 
While healthy border protection is critical in a global economy, the technology in use at many points of entry is in serious need of an update. 
Areas with heavy traffic need a robust identity verification process that checks against more than just a list of names. Online history and police report data provide insight into an individual’s profile—and are essential information to modern border screening. 
Areas with poor infrastructure or frequent power outages need a mobile, infrastructure-independent screening solution to ensure security and maintaining processing flow. 
With 20 years of experience applying AI to human language, Basis Technology is developing a comprehensive, two pronged solution for these modern border security issues. 
For high volume points of entry, Basis Technology is developing a modern screening solution that aggregates and checks against everything from Facebook data to police interviews to ensure authorities can follow up on suspicious characters and clear innocent travelers with confidence. Basis Technology has also developed a mobile screening device that can operate entirely independently of power or internet connection, providing authorities with the flexibility needed to deal with less-than-ideal border security situations. 
Basis Technology is now conducting live testing and feedback has enthusiastic. Interested? Contact Chris Brown at to learn more.

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