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A Unique Solution for Effective Border Control
Situation: Border crossings have been increasing in virtually every country year over year. The US handled nearly 400 Million travelers in 2017, while the UK processed over 300 Million people and Australia process over 40 Million people. To add to the complexity, most countries support hundreds of ports of entry, including air, sea and land. 
The typical border enforcement agent has minutes to determine if the person they are admitting into their country is a bad actor, and often it is based on the stamps in their passport and whether they act or look suspicious. 
Now imagine a new process: One where you can scan their mobile phone within minutes and based on their digital footprint, determine whether that person(s) should be speaking to an investigative agent. Welcome to Cellebrite. Based on content stored in their phone, we can scan images, video, contacts, geo-locations, email, text and application data to help border agents determine if a person has a suspicious digital footprint – all within minutes. The same data analysis is made available to the investigative agent so they can ask formative questions to rapidly determine the threat level.
See the attached sample report that can provide critical data to make an educated decision.
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