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HENSOLDT to offer Protection in Cyber Space
HENSOLDT, a leading independent sensor house, will also be using its expert knowledge in defence and security to protect IT systems. 
To this end, HENSOLDT, together with the cyber specialist Secure Elements GmbH, have founded a joint venture in Germany by the name of HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH. This new enterprise, which boasts the participation of, among other people, the cyber protection expert Sandro Gaycken, will develop security-hardened basic IT systems, which are virtually impervious to hacker attacks and integrated hardware weaknesses.         
“HENSOLDT’s new partner Secure Elements has a lot of experience in the cyber security world,” explained Marian Rachow, Managing Director of HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH. “Together we will develop highly secure solutions which will protect IT systems against unauthorised access even at the operating levels of a computer. This approach avoids the shortcomings of conventional cyber protection, which only kicks in at higher application levels and can therefore be easily circumvented.”
HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH is already working on the development of extremely secure operating systems and trustworthy basic hardware, the architecture of which has been designed for maximum security from the very first step and is to be used initially to make HENSOLDT products even more secure. Development and integration will take place in Germany so that a secure value chain is guaranteed.

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